$ 350.00


Couture bodysuit made out of light green athletic spandex, lined with swimwear mesh for support and transparency elimination.

The Telescoping Boom Bodysuit has a new updated fit: extra taper at the small of the back to accentuate booty shape and hold stomach flat. Curve added to seat for buns of all varieties. U shaped neck inspired by our tall tee. Mirrored U swoop in back for easy entry/exit. Neck and arms have 1/4 inch rubber inside the seams to add stability for all kinds of activity.

  • Available in small, medium or large.
  • Lined in torso to thighs.. underwear = optional.
  • Telescoping Boom geometric structure is inspired by the mechanisms that build... like the telescoping boom crane.. Also drawing from the beauty, symmetry and power of concrete foundations.
  • Inquire for measurements. Compare fit of chest, waist and thigh to standard bodysuit sizing.
  • Made to order, constructs and ships 2-5 weeks after payment is received. 

FOAM [fōm] Inspired by the pallet of a hardware store, FOAM embarks on the possibilities of combining the neon pastels of styrofoam siding, electrical wire, insulation, sheetrock, and mop into a tight selection of modular over sized bodies and spandex wear.

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