$ 350.00

Athletic mesh full body CHOMPER with cylindrical fit, drop crotch, rainwear seat and shoulder zipper.
The Chomper is an unisex hybrid-evolution of the romper. With wide neck holes for layering this is coverall X tank top X drop crotch pant. Developed in fall 2013, RHLS your leader in this new era of outfit ease.

  • Shoulder zipper allows for easy entry/exit. Rainwear on seat = sit anywear wet dry or dirty, rainwear is the ultimate repellant.
  • 5XL (pictured) fits everyone 5ft 6in to 6ft 5in. 3XL, fits 4ft 10in to 5ft 6in.
  • <Upgrade> select Burrito with extra sour cream for an additional monochrome Chomper to wear underneath. Made from sweatshirt fleece or cotton by FONY. $168 when sold separately. Navy, light grey or black. $420 for both.
  • The highest quality construction FOAM is made in Brooklyn NY.

FOAM [fōm]
Inspired by the pallet of a hardware store, FOAM embarks on the possibilities of combining the neon pastels of styrofoam siding, electrical wire, insulation, sheetrock, and mop into a tight selection of modular over sized bodies and spandex wear.

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