Sunday Function 2 with Dustin Wong 8/21

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Sunday Function Installment 2! 3pm to 8pm, August 21 MOVES 214 Franklin St FREE, Open Bar 3-4pm This might be the best daytime festival to go down all summer!  Fuuuuuuuuuuun features, but first let us explain the format of our ongoing Sunday Function enjoyment mini series. FREE BOOZE + CRAFTING + GREAT BANDS + SOMETIMES ART SHOWS  (this one focuses on photography) + SALES N SHOPPING ECSTASY = SUNDAY FUNCTION!  This Sunday Moves presents new work from NYC photographers Levi Mandel and Dan Zev, plus a collab between Seattle WA multimedia artist/photographer Frank Correa with pen and ink doctorings by BK/Seattle human Carlos Ruiz. Live Music...

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