MOVES TV Commercial! LE1F! (is killing it) Jon Burgerman's Axieteam show at MOVES!

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 Please enjoy: MOVES "TV Commercial" CINCO DE MAYO WITH ANXIETEAM! LE1F presents DARK YORK! OSBORN SHOES R TOTALLY HERE Lettuce tell you about our "television commercial" Last week our in-house illustrator and all-around-talented-and-attractive-RHLS-nice-guy Eli Heuer produced MOVES "TV Commercial!"  We're really really happy how it turned out.  Here is a brief synopsis of the very brief movie: In this heartwarming adventure a talented delivery boy finds himself awakened by a demanding text: "Are you asleep this pizza's been up for 20 minutes!"  Our hero's life will never be the same after his daring delivery. Ok now watch this shit! Like it on facebook or retweet...

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