This Sunday learn how to make Kombucha at Moves with the pros

Rich Awn has learned the secrets of this healing beverage from his mother. Produced in a local brewery, Mombucha is unfiltered, unpasteurized, brewed fresh for a potent pro-biotic blast of nutritive, anti-microbial immune boosting power.  At 3pm Sunday October 27 Rich will show us the ropes! Please do note WID, Workshop Itinerary Details at the bottom of this section! Workshop is free and open to the public! Donation is great.

Mombucha cocktails Mombucha tasting!

Mombucha has lots of flavors but Rich tells us the crowd favorite seems to be Gingermint (fresh mint and raw ginger). There's also Black Vanilla (black tea, coconut, vanilla, pineapple), Thé Vert (Fujian green tea), Thé Blanc (China white tea), and Blue Eyes (rhubarb, hibiscus, corn flower, and rose petal tea).. Get ready for the best 'Kombucha whiskey sour' ever! Your taste buds are going on a jest ski ride baby!

Recommended workshop materials 

Show up a bit early, grab a cocktail and head to the backyard to set up your brewing station! If you don't have any of these materials you can get them from Rich for $5!  

Bring a big jar, I suggest a gallon jar, you can purchase one of those at the Brooklyn Kitchen located just around the corner from Moves! Remember Kombucha doesn't like to be touched by metal except stainless steel so bring a wooden or stainless spoon for stirring / culture adjusting. Finally bring some cheesecloth or muslin (something that the mother culture can breathe through), and a rubber band. It wouldn't hurt to bring some loose leaf or bagged black tea, though Rich will have tea to share with us. Oh and bring a warm sweater just in case, the workshop will take place in MOVES' Yard (if it rains we will move inside).


Party runs from 2pm-7pm Sunday October 27th
Workshop begins at 3pm
Demo from Rich Awn 3-4pm.
Mombucha tasting from 4-5pm
Complimentary cocktails all day while they last! 2pm-7pm
DJ Just-Dont-Do-It on the computer and / or device all day long
Workshop suggested sliding donation $5-15 

Rich sez:

"I brew kombucha the way my mama taught me. If you'd like some, I'll either brew it for you or show you how. I'm cool either way. No biggie.

Mombucha is made from verifiably sourced organic ingredients: distilled water, Grade B maple syrup from my friends up at Mill Hollow Maple in New Lisbon, NY, organic sugar, locally grown mint, and fine teas and tea blends from tea merchants in Manhattan."

More about those cocktails...

Rich Awn is a kombucha person and he's also a world class mixologist and catering guy

First on the menu we have Black Jack. For those partial towards whiskey: Black Vanilla Mombucha / Whiskey / Club soda.  

Something a bit more delicate: Ginger Rail. Gingermint Mombucha / Tequila / Club Soda

Take Mombucha with you

Many flavors will be available for the keeping. We like the sound of Lebanese Seduction. The taste is decidedly herbal, heavy in the nose with more pungent spices like star anise and cardamon.  It’s well balanced between sweet and tart, nice and fizzy with mysterious twists and turns through a labyrinth of flavor.  The seduction is in simply trying to figure out just how one is realizing the experience of imbibing.

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