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MOVES "TV Commercial"
LE1F presents DARK YORK!

Lettuce tell you about our "television commercial"

Last week our in-house illustrator and all-around-talented-and-attractive-RHLS-nice-guy Eli Heuer produced MOVES "TV Commercial!"  We're really really happy how it turned out.  Here is a brief synopsis of the very brief movie: In this heartwarming adventure a talented delivery boy finds himself awakened by a demanding text: "Are you asleep this pizza's been up for 20 minutes!"  Our hero's life will never be the same after his daring delivery. Ok now watch this shit!

Like it on facebook or retweet this (@movesbrooklyn) and get 10% off the fitted quadrocepticon or Empathetic Eyes tank or any Fabric Horse utility belt.  You have 48 hours (sale ends thursday at 12am).  Simply email indicating the fanny pack or tank you want and we will send you a paypal invoice.  You can pick up the gear from Moves or we will ship it to you.

That was fun video moment right? Here's how you can get involved:  Ok so RHLS stands for more and Moves is a movement for independent industry.  Those are slogans but they aint jargon.  We invite you to join the movement and raise awareness of the importance of supporting locally based AND made in USA companies by making your own DID YOU GET THAT AT MOVES "TV Commercial"  Just pop into Moves and leave your ID as collateral and borrow any RHLS pieces, Go shoot, Bring the gear back at the end of the day and get to editing!  We will give you 30% off any RHLS piece.  1 Discount for each member of your production team.

We're having a party on Cinco De Mayo!

We haven't gotten final confirmation from Axieteam but maybe our freshest new guest artist Jon Burgerman's band will perform on 5/5/12. (He also designs great wallpaper to color on, cups, pins, notebooks available at Moves!)   I just texted him about it and his response was sunny..  Regardless we are PRTing down on 5/5/12, hopefully Axieteam will play! If not we'll book them for something around Saturday May 12th!  Do you know how good a Mitchelada is to drink?  I love them so much I named a bathing suit after the spicy michelob meets enchilada awesome and weird beverage..  Sometimes I put tequila in them..  We will have these avialable for all to enjoy on Cinco De Mayo.  Free shot of tequila when you spend $50 or more.

LE1F is so damn good.  Download his new mixtape from Fader Magazine for FREE!

If you've been rolling with RHLS for a minute you should definitely know about our beloved sponsored artist, LE1F!  Khalif Diouf has been a huge help modeling for us since way back in 2008 when Harpers Bazaar Korea named RHLS "One of the Top 10 designers in NYC" Since then LE1F performed at our SS12 teaser presentation at the Clocktower Gallery, teamed up with RHLS and Jelly NYC for our indy rap rock disco rave party, and has modeled for our SS12 and AW12 look books.  We just styled his newest music video, Wut (which is also my personal fave cut on tha mix!)  He just released his brand new mixtape Dark York available to download through FADER.


You guys have been asking, we now have a new batch of Osborn Shoes just in!  Hurry in we sold out of the last run in 3 weeks most went in week 1.  More sizes! 36-44 these are gender neutral shoes for male and female babes!  For THA PARK OR THA FUNCTION:  New dresses and silk tops from H Fredriksson, New shorts and tops from Study, really cute silk shorts and dresses from BHON.

MOVES: 419 Graham Ave

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