Shop and Screw Trunk Show, Experimental Karaoke, Luncheon:: 4/10 4 pm
Hello new and old friends of MOVES!  This is a special invite to a real sweet RHLS (Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty) trunk show with delicious interactive entertainment from Smhoak Mosheein!

All Ruffeo designs will be marked 20% to 70% off!  All those $150 crew sweatshirts and Sars Guard Hoodies you wanted to buy this winter but couldn't quite afford are now $40 to $75!  Git em out of here in time for some springtime flossing!  And we are releasing new spring designs -never before seen, and what the ph********k? -they are on sale too!
That will be fun, thats just the beginning though...

Free purple drank while supplies last!  Get here at 4pm if you really want some purple tounge action.  It will have booze in it. It will be purple.  (There will also be by donation other types of drinks if you like yours clear with bubbles or brown with ice, etc)

This is all happening while our furry rastafarian friend Smhoak Mosheein remixes your favorite hits into Choppd' n Screwed' masterpieces for you and your friends to sing along to. (There will be multiple microphones all over Moves, so anyone can sing on anyone elses requested song).  When it comes to providing you with the song of your fancy; Smhoak Mosheein is a genie in a bottle but there's not unlimited room in his jug so if you want a special song you have to request it ahead of time on the facebook event page, DO IT NOW! :!/event.php?eid=201442903221175

LUNCHEON!  We dint really know what a luncheon is but we feel like its brunch leaning a lil more towards lunch.  So bring whatever you want to eat and share with the buddies!

Here is some of the vitals repeated again and other vitals not yet mentioned!:

Sunday April 10th starting at 4 pm
RHLS Trunk Show and Luncheon
Chop'd n Skrew'd Karaoke with Smoak Mosheein

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