Hi gals n guys! We are having our first fundraiser for City Harvest at MOVES/ The RHLS Store this Sunday!Efff brunch- eat juice its seriously more filling and fulfilling than expensive restaurant foods..

Fun with nutrition, in liquid form! Here's the idea: Bring your favorite fruit or vegetable and see how it tastes when you turn it into juice. Mix your veggie/fruit with another's' favorite.. create a new taste. create a new friendship?

RHLS is really obsessed with juicing in general- also we are doing this to get people thinking about affordable ways to be healthy.. We are raising money for City Harvest with the help of The Uniform Project. Sarah is the U.P. pilot: www.theuniformproject.com Lil' Snotty wears the same little black dress everyday for a month and accessorizes. Spreading the fun of sustainable fashion and raising awareness and fund$ for a great cause. You cant argue with that.

So we are asking people to donate a little to this cause. Learn more at www.cityharvest.org

Toss something in the tip jar if you're juicing with vodka (that will be made available by MOVES), a percentage will go to City Harvest. Or do some shopping at the RHLS Store, a percentage of all sales will also go to city harvest!!

Forget the super bowl, or at least come post party at MOVES. Music, shopping, juice, booze! Oh yeah and there will be a fashion photo shoot happening by pro photographer JR Delia, Don't worry we wont try and pull you into it, just some behind the (RHLS) scene parting for you to enjoy..

SUNDAY 2/6 1:30 - 8:30 214 Franklin St Brooklyn, NY 11222 Greenpoint stop off the G www.theuniformproject.com www.cityharvest.org www.movesbrooklyn.wordpress.com

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