RHLS Store/MOVES Gallery Grand Opening Party

The 21st will be the most ridiculous party to happen at Moves/The RHLS Store ever since god was born.  Whats happening here whats opening, what are we celebrating? We were MOVES Pop Up, a collectiviely run store featuring Brooklyns greatest clothing and accessory designers.  Now Moves has turned into a gallery, RHLS has moved design head quarters into the back and "The RHLS Store" is in the front.  Ok lets celebrate..  Also there's sneakers and bands to celebrate..

We love Electrolites Footwear. We want to eat every pair in the limited edition run that is only available at The RHLS Store.  But then they'd be even more limited.  Korakrit Arunanondchai is our favorite visual artist in the world. Now Krit has designed and handprinted 50 pairs of GLOW IN THE DARK SNEAKERS! Not only do they glow they have a fucking LED that flashes from within the tongue. Sneaker launch!! PS RHLS is doing the next collab sneaker in February.. sshhhh its top secret!

Electrolites is gonna give away some t shirts. RHLS will too. Show ends earlyish (12amish), bands start at 9pm.

MOVES Brooklyn/ http://movesbrooklyn.wordpress.com/
RHLS/ http://www.rhls.com/

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